4 Reasons Why You Need High-Visibility Clothes

You Need High-Visibility Clothes

Some workplaces have the potential to cause injuries to workers. Safety measures need to be taken to ensure that the workers are safe. Workers’ clothing must be protective and make them visible even under low lighting conditions. High vis clothing makes workers more visible and reduces the chances of major accidents. It has reflective material on bright-colored clothes, which allows people to be spotted quickly. Today, many women in the construction and transportation industries wear women’s high vis clothes. Wearing loose garments to work causes safety hazards because the extra fabric can get caught in machinery. A comprehensive sizing chart helps women to choose the best-fitting clothes that suit their body shape.

Who needs high-vis clothes?

  • Road construction workers
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Rail workers
  • Emergency responders
  • Parking attendants
  • Road sweepers
  • Airport ground crews

Types of high visibility clothing

Type O (Off-road)

Type O high vis clothes are intended for off-road use. People working in non-complex environments like warehouses, parking areas and oil refineries wear them. The clothes provide daytime and nighttime visibility to prevent accidents when workers are working among moving vehicles like parking areas or in low visibility conditions. These clothes are appropriate for off-road environments.

Type R (Roadway)

Type R high vis clothes are for workers in occupational environments exposed to traffic. The clothes have additional high visibility material to define the human form. Road construction workers, airport crew workers, toll workers, and towing operators wear these clothes because they provide enhanced nighttime and daytime visual conspicuity for workers. These clothes are appropriate for the roadway work environment

Type P (Public safety)

Type P clothing offers better visibility during daytime and nighttime, in poor light conditions, and at a great distance. The clothes are for firefighters, emergency responders and law enforcement personnel. These people may encounter multiple hazards while performing their duty. They need to be visible through a full range of movements. These high-vis clothes are for work environments in public safety.

Why high visibility clothing is important

Keeps workers visible

High visibility clothing helps employees to be visible all the time. For example, when the construction crew works on the highway, it isn’t easy to view them without high-vis clothes. These clothes make people stand out from those wearing regular clothes. Moreover, the workers will be visible in all weather conditions.

Reduces accidents

Wearing high vis clothes reduces the risk of accidents. It makes construction sites a safer place to work. When workers feel safe, their productivity increases and the job gets done in a shorter time. Since workers are visible and recognizable to drivers, many accidents are prevented.

Safer during weather hazards

High visibility clothes help workers to be visible when they work in bad weather conditions like rain and snow. These weather conditions reduce visibility, and people operating equipment in workplaces will find it difficult to spot people without high-vis clothes.

Helps during emergencies

In case of accidents and emergencies, workers wearing high-visibility clothes are easily discovered and rescued. The clothes have reflective patches, and it is easy to spot people wearing them. Workers are quickly spotted even if the work area is dark.


Why do women need high-visibility clothing?

Women should wear work clothes that are designed to fit their bodies. The most significant factor of any work apparel is that it has to fit well. If women do not feel comfortable in their work clothes, they can’t deliver 100% performance. In addition, they are at higher risk of accidents and life-threatening injuries. Therefore, women feel comfortable in work clothes specially designed for them.

Women’s high vis clothes enhance the safety of women in the workplace. Safety clothes are available in various sizes to suit the needs of all women. Employees must ensure that women wear high visibility clothes and stay safe in their work environment.


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