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Is It In Your Best Interest to Take Your Glastonbury CT Personal Injury Case to Court?

Personal Injury Case

Often, personal injury claims get settled before the parties involved face each other in court. Insurance companies are usually willing to settle to avoid the costs of litigation. Initially, they may not pay your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, a Glastonbury CT personal injury lawyer can present facts that may motivate the insurer to reach a settlement with you. Also, the attorney will determine when filing a lawsuit is in your best interest. 

How Personal Injury Lawsuits Progress

Injury lawsuits start once the victim files a case and issues a demand letter to the party responsible for the accident and their injuries. The letter will outline the case, including how the other party was negligent in their behavior and such behavior caused the injury. Also, the letter details the damages the victim wants to recover and the total compensation amount for such damages. 

Once the defendant’s insurer gets the letter, they will investigate and evaluate the case. After getting the information they need, they will give a response to the letter. Such a response will try to look for inconsistencies in the case and give reasons they won’t pay the asking price. The insurance company may include a lowball settlement offer in their letter. At this point, a victim’s attorney and the insurer will negotiate back and forth, until they can reach a fair settlement. 

Avoiding Trial

Often, injury cases will not go to trial. Both parties know that a judge will have control over the outcome of the case. When the judge makes their decision, either you get everything you expected or you leave the courtroom with nothing at all. 

And whoever party loses the case will need to pay costly legal and court fees. This is the case even if your lawyer works on contingency. Lastly, the losing party may not need to face the verdict immediately. An appeal may be filed, dragging the case out for several years. Thus, it could take years before you can secure a settlement even if you prevail in your case in court. 

Because of these reasons, it is often beneficial to avoid taking a personal injury case to court. And if negotiations between your attorney and the insurance company fail, you can explore options such as third-party mediation before you go to court. 

Particularly if you want to avoid court appearances, you should hire a lawyer to handle your case. Experienced injury lawyers are experts in negotiating and reaching fair settlements.


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