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Santoku Knives: Interesting Facts You Should Know About

Santoku Knives

People who prepare food in the kitchen know the importance of having the right kitchen tools and equipment. And one of the essential tools in the kitchen is a knife, which you use every day. So, you will see many different types of knives in the market that differ from one another in terms of shape, size, and, most importantly, their purpose, like slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping. However, only a few stand out for their quality, sharpness, and craftsmanship, and one such knife is the Santoku knife!

The use of this knife by numerous chefs on TV channels has added to the fuss surrounding it. And the question that often comes to people’s minds is why all these professional chefs use this unique knife in their kitchen? What makes it different from all other knives? If these questions are swirling in your mind, spare a few minutes and read this article. This article shares some fascinating facts about Santoku knives.

What Is It?

Santoku is a Japanese multipurpose knife. And multipurpose because it is a perfect knife for performing almost all tasks, including chopping, dicing, slicing, and mincing. It allows the user to do these tasks exceptionally well and with high precision. How? Thanks to its precision-forged stainless steel blade that contains high carbon content. Besides this, Santoku features an extremely sharp edge that makes it easier and effortless to perform all tasks a knife is supposed to do.

Santoku knives come in top-notch quality and Damascus look and boast 16 layers of stainless steel. That means these knives last for a long time, and moreover, these knives also have a great handle that provides an excellent grip and comfort to the users and makes it easier to cut the veggies, meat, cheese, and other food items the way you want. These knives make up an ideal choice for professional chefs because they are incredibly versatile and allow them to cut a wide variety of food items easily. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that Santoku knives are worth every penny.

What Makes This Knife Different From Other Knives?

Here are three things that make Santoku knives different from other knives; read on!

  1. The first difference you can quickly notice by merely looking at the Santoku knives is that the shape of these knives is distinctly different from the traditional kitchen knives. Unlike their traditional counterparts, the Santoku’s blade is flat, making the knife much quicker when chopping items and making precise cuts. As such, you cannot move this knife back and forth to cut the things; you must use Santoku knives in either a chopping or slicing motion.
  2. Secondly, most Santoku knife blades are hollowed out purposefully because the hollowed-out blades reduce the friction when you cut starchy and wet foods like potatoes and onions. The reduction in friction means the items fall away from the blade as the chef cuts the food and thus provides more precise cuts and faster chopping.
  3. Thirdly, Santoku knives are smaller and shorter than their traditional counterparts. So if you are someone with small hands, you will love to use these knives; they will be pretty handy for you. Furthermore, since these knives are lighter and smaller, they cause less fatigue to your hands when using them.

Hopefully, now you are enticed to buy a Santoku knife for your kitchen. If so, the first thing you need to consider when selecting a knife is which company or brand you want to purchase from.

Many national and international brands offer Santoku knives in various sizes. So you can go through their customer reviews and check out the quality they provide. Besides, make sure you buy from one of the most reputable brands that only offer top-notch knives.


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