What are types of radio pouches?

Types of Radio Pouches

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Radio pouches are a great way to organize your radio. They come in several different sizes and styles, so they can be used for any type of radio or transmitter. If you’re looking for the perfect pouch to match your radio, then look no further than this guide! For more details visit lumbuy.

Single radio pouches

Single radio pouches are used to carry a single radio. They’re often worn by police officers, military personnel and first responders. These pouches typically have Velcro straps that can be attached to the user’s chest or waistband.

The law enforcement community has adopted this type of pouch for their own use because it allows them to carry more than one item at a time without having them jostle around in their pockets or bags while they’re on duty.

Dual radio pouches

A dual radio pouch is used to hold two radios. They are typically worn on the chest, but can also be mounted on a belt or backpack strap. The two radios can be worn one on each side of the chest, or they can be placed in opposite directions if you prefer to keep them separate and close at hand.

Quad radio pouch

A quad radio pouch is a pouch that holds four handheld radios. Quad pouches are made of nylon and have a webbing shoulder strap. They come in different sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your needs best.

The most common use for quad radio pouches is to attach them to the belt of your uniform or equipment bag so you can access your gear without having to reach into it constantly.


For me, the most important feature of a radio pouch is that it offers multiple ways to carry your radio. I use the single-pouch version daily on my belt or utility pockets and find it works well for both duty and off-duty situations when wearing civilian clothes. But if you do need more than one way to carry something like your taser or other weapons, then a dual-radio pouche might be worth considering – just make sure that you can access all of its contents at once of 10 Best Molle Radio Pouch!


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