What you can do to stay safe in winter?

Stay Safe in Winter

Stay Safe in Winter, Many people feel cold. In winter, it is awkward. Due to the old age of the family and the pain, the big patients suffer a lot during the special wintertime. In addition, fewer people can see that happen. BMI (Body Mass Index) 18 Seats 5 or less can be felt more in winter. Because, if there is less body fat, less heat is felt. If there is a deficiency of thyroid hormone, there is always a cold party. In addition, patients with hypothyroidism may develop additional skin problems in the cold. Iron deficiency in the body increases the feeling of coldness. This is because these minerals help the red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body.

In some patients with rheumatoid arthritis, the blood vessels become constricted and the blood supply is reduced. It is called ‘Rands’. Due to this, the hands feel extra cold in winter. The color changes to blue. Lack of sleep also makes the body feel cold. This happens even if you do not take the required amount of vitamin B12. B12 works in the flow of oxygen throughout the body. Learn More About: fitness builder

Causes red blood cell deficiency

Lack of it causes red blood cell deficiency. This also increases the feeling of cold. The ‘peripheral neuropathy that occurs when the nerves of diabetic patients are affected, causes a feeling of a tingling sensation in the nervous system;

Due to which winter may take more. Both legs appear to be cold or frozen. It also seems to be due to reduced blood flow to the legs. What to do to get rid of extra cold hands and feet in winter. Do not stay barefoot. Also, wear slippers or warm sandals when walking home. Some cover slippers are available for winter wear. Wear woolen socks on your feet. More Learn form cbd guide

Cotton socks are good for summer. Because it helps in ventilation. But wool socks are more comfortable in cold weather. If you want to sit for a long time, sit on a tool or bend with your feet high and cover your feet with a warm cloth without hanging your legs.

If you feel your feet freezing at night, go to bed after wearing thin socks. Take occasional walks. Stay active.

This will increase the blood circulation in the legs. Dip your feet in lukewarm water and dry them quickly with a towel. Then apply a good moisturizer. You can use a hot water bag to stay warm in winter. But keep in mind, Stay Safe in Winter.


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