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Alexey Serebryakov – biography, news, personal life

Alexei Serebryakov  is a Soviet, Russian, and currently Canadian theater and film actor. The title “People’s Artist of the Russian Federation” Alexei Serebryakov was awarded in 2010. Serebryakov is known for the TV series “Penal Battalion”, “Dr. Richter”, “Gangster Petersburg” and the films “Leviathan”, “Blind Man’s Buff”, “Cargo 200”, “Apocalypse Code”. In early 2012, the actor emigrated with his family to Canada. For his role in Leviathan, for the second time in the history of Russian cinema, he was nominated for the European Film Academy Award.

Childhood and education of Alexei Serebryakov

Alexey Valeryevich Serebryakov was born on July 3, 1964 in Moscow.

Father – Valery Serebryakov – a design engineer, worked at an aircraft factory, was engaged in testing aircraft engines. Mother was a doctor.

Alexey Serebryakov believes that he had a happy childhood. Alex studied well. He went to a music school, learned to play the button accordion, according to the biography of Alexei Serebryakov on Wikipedia.

Once, a journalist from Evening Moscow made a report about the teacher Alexei studied with. In the article, he posted a photo of this teacher surrounded by students. And by chance, the newspaper caught the eye of assistant directors Valery Uskov and Vladimir Krasnopolsky , who were looking for actors for the series “Eternal Call”. So unexpectedly, a 13-year-old schoolboy Serebryakov was selected for the role of Dimka, the son of Fyodor (the role of the grown-up Dimka was played by another actor).

The young man lingered in the cinema. Then, in the school years, new works followed: Kuzma from the melodrama “Late Berry” (1978), Alyosha from the drama “Father and Son” (1979), Suvorov Vladimir in the adventure film “Scarlet Epaulettes” (1979), Vitya Chernov from the drama “The Last escape “(1980), bullfighter Misha from the heroic comedy” Look at both “(1981).

After graduating from school in 1981, Alexei Serebryakov decided to enter the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute . However, despite the popularity in the cinema, he did not enter the first time.

Then Serebryakov left for Syzran and got a job as an actor in a local drama theater. For some time he lived in a hostel. As reported in the biography of Alexei Serebryakov on the site “Know Everything”, the actor recalled with a slight sadness that the province quickly put him in his place. After 8 months, he returned to Moscow and tried his luck at the selection committee of Sliver. This time he succeeded. Two years later, he transferred to Oleg Tabakov ‘s course at GITIS, graduating in 1986.

After graduating from high school, Alexey Serebryakov worked for Oleg Tabakov for about five years. However, he also played in other theatres. So in 1988, he played a major role in the play “Phaedra” by Roman Viktyuk on the stage of the Moscow Taganka Drama Theater.

Alexei Serebryakov’s film career

The actor continued to act in films, in 1986 he played the role of the football player Subbotin in the drama “The Wedding Is Accused”, then there was an interesting role of Pankin in “The Fun of the Young” (1987). 1989 brought him the role of karateka Yegor, nicknamed “Kid” in the action movie “Fan”. The popularity of the film was a pleasant surprise for Serebryakov. According to his calculations, for this picture he received about 10 annual salaries in the theater. For shooting in the second part of “Fan”, the actor was offered a suitcase of money, but the script for the sequel was much inferior to the first film, so Serebryakov was forced to refuse.

Since 1991, Alexei Serebryakov has devoted himself entirely to cinema. He felt very organic on the set.

In 1991, an interesting job for Serebryakov was the role of Sergeant Arsenov in the drama “Afghan Break” by Vladimir Bortko .

In the same 1991, Alexei Valerievich tried himself in the comedy genre (“Nude in a Hat”), but realized that comedic roles were not for him.

It is believed that one of the most notable works of Serebryakov in the mid-90s was the main role in the social drama Hammer and Sickle (1994). And although Alexei was dissatisfied with himself in this film, he received the Kinoshock festival award for best male role for his role in it.

Serebryakov’s track record in cinema was extensive. These were the roles of honest, courageous people. All of his characters were convincing in their actions. In 1998, Serebryakov was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

In the late 90s, Alexei tested himself as a fighter against evil spirits (“Ghoul”).

Then director Vladimir Bortko approved Serebryakov for the role of lawyer Oleg Zvantsev in the TV series Gangster Petersburg. Alexei’s close friends, Olga Drozdova and Dmitry Pevtsov , also took part in this film .

Director Yegor Konchalovsky directed Serebryakov in the films Antikiller 2 (2003), Escape (2005). With director Alexei Balabanov , he appeared in the films “Blind Man’s Buff” (2005), “Cargo 2000” (2007).

Fyodor Bondarchuk filmed Alexei Serebryakov in Company 9 (2005) and Inhabited Island. Fight “(2008). With Yuri Morozov , the actor played in the film “Children of Vanyukhin” (2005).

In 2010, Serebryakov was awarded the title of People’s Artist of Russia.

Andrey Zvyagintsev ‘s “Leviathan” became a big role in the actor’s creative biography . In the film Leviathan, nominated for an Oscar and winning a Golden Globe, which received 11 nominations for Nika and a Cannes Film Festival prize for best screenplay, Serebryakov played the main role – honest, hard-working car mechanic Nikolai from a provincial town beyond the Arctic Circle. A local official ( Roman Madyanov ) laid eyes on his land , who decided to take away a tidbit at all costs. After the premiere of Leviathan, society was divided into two camps: some admired the realism with which the creators of the tape conveyed Russian reality, others were indignant: “Exaggerated, nasty props with moral monsters!”

Alexei Serebryakov received the White Elephant Award and a prize at the Abu Dhabi Festival for Leviathan.

In recent years, notable in the biography of Alexei Serebryakov were the series Ladoga, Method, Fartsa, Doctor Richter.

Serebryakov starred in the films “The Clinch”, “The Legend of Kolovrat”, “Coma”, “Van Goghs”, “How Vitka Garlic Carried Lyokha Shtyr to the Nursing Home”

Alexei Serebryakov starred alongside figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva in a Canadian feature film called The Petrichor, due out in 2019.

Scandals and views of Alexei Serebryakov

Alexey Serebryakov is known for his active public position, he often speaks out about politics and his opinion gets into the news media. Often, whole series of news are obtained from Serebryakov’s interviews, since the actor’s statements cause a scandal.

In February 2018, Serebryakov gave a long interview to video blogger Yuri Dud , in which he spoke, among other things, about the reasons for moving to Canada, about the state of Russian cinema and about the difference between Russians and Americans. “The national idea of ​​Russia: strength, arrogance and rudeness,” the actor said. This phrase sparked a heated public debate. Some colleagues in the shop, for example, Liya Akhedzhakova , supported Alexei, others, including Alexander Pankratov-Cherny , criticized his position.

“If you drive 30, 50, 70 kilometers from Moscow, you will see many elements from the 1990s. Until now, neither knowledge, nor ingenuity, nor enterprise, nor dignity is a national idea. Strength, arrogance and rudeness are the national idea, ” Serebryakov said at the time.

In addition, he answered Yuri Dudyu’s question about what he would say to President Vladimir Putin if he were in front of him.

“I can’t even imagine what I can say to him, because our vision of the world is so different with him that whatever I say to him will lead nowhere,” Serebryakov, 53, replied.

He noted that he associates Putin’s presidency with two letters “B”. “Lies and theft. Endless, ” he explained .

In the same interview, Serebryakov explained why the protagonist of the Leviathan film surrendered in a confrontation with corrupt officials and landed in jail, and an American in a similar situation went on a bulldozer to destroy the offenders’ houses. The actor also spoke about the laziness of the Russians and the need to work on themselves.

The noise around the interview of the actor Alexei Serebryakov was quite large. Alexey Serebryakov even commented on the sensational interview. As reported in the news, the artist did not give up his words. “I have said everything I have said. If I need to agree on something, I will turn to Mr. Dud and I will agree with him, ”said Serebryakov.

The statement of the actor stirred up the Internet. Many even suggested depriving Serebryakov of his citizenship. “He showed strength, arrogance and rudeness in his films. They also became famous. Now Russia is bad. Let him leave then, ”wrote netizens. “He is popular in Canada only because he vilifies the country that gave him what he has,” added others.

The press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov , answering a question about the Kremlin’s attitude to the unflattering statements about Russia that the actor Alexei Serebryakov allowed himself, succinctly stated that “the Kremlin does not apply to his position.”

Director Vladimir Bortko noted in an interview with RT: “I shot him in two films, both were extremely patriotic. Then he did not say anything of the sort. What happened to him now, I don’t know. The national idea of ​​Russia is to love your homeland. And this idea allowed us to survive for centuries, being, to put it mildly, in a not very benevolent environment. Serebryakov is a good artist, by the way. But a good artist does not mean a smart person.

Bortko’s colleague Andron Konchalovsky , who lived and worked in the West for many years, commented on the actor’s performance in an interview with RBC: “Honestly, I have nothing but sympathy for Alyosha. I hope that he will continue to film in Russia in order to live, because there ( outside of Russia, – Ed. ) He is hardly needed by anyone.

Many expressed solidarity with Serebryakov’s opinion. Director Andrei Zvyagintsev defended the actor Alexei Serebryakov. “I want to be proud of my Motherland, but I’m ashamed of it,” that’s what Serebryakov actually said,” Zvyagintsev said .

Actor and screenwriter Rostislav Khait , known for the films What Men Talk About and Radio Day, noted that he agrees with Alexei Serebryakov’s words about rudeness in Russia. Danila Kozlovsky said that he considers Serebryakov a patriot because of his words about rudeness in Russia.

In the spring of 2019, Serebryakov explained that in reality he is a patriot of Russia “no less than those who yell about it.” However, his civil position is that he is an opponent of the war. “So much suffering, disease, and what else to arrange a conscious murder? I believe that human life is priceless, I am an active pacifist and against war, ” Serebryakov said in an interview. And in an interview with the Kultura TV channel, Serebryakov emphasized that he is not a Russophobe, but his soul hurts for Russia and the Russians, and he does not understand “why we are like that.”

“My soul hurts – why are we like this ?! Why are we like this? I am an absolutely Russian person, my children are absolutely Russian boys,” Serebryakov emphasized .

Personal life of Alexei Serebryakov

Alexey Serebryakov is married. His wife, Maria, is a Canadian citizen. He had known Maria since the 1980s, when she danced with the Igor Moiseev Folk Dance Ensemble . Subsequently, Maria went to work under a contract in Canada and got married there, became a citizen of Canada. She then divorced her husband after spending seven years in Canada. She was a choreographer at the Vakhtangov Theatre .

In the 1990s, she married Alexei. There are three children in the family: Maria’s daughter from her first marriage – Dasha, brothers Stepan and Danila were adopted from different orphanages. Alexei has no children of his own.

In 2012, Alexey Serebryakov and his family moved to Canada and settled in the city of Toronto. He explained the motive for which he made such a decision: the growth of aggression and intolerance in Russia, the unfavorable social situation and the disregard for the norms of the rule of law on the part of the authorities.



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