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Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Luxury Watch

Buying A Luxury Watch

In ancient times people did not have a watch to see the time. But not like our watch. They had a way of determining the time of morning-afternoon, sun, or moon of the night. The watch was invented about five and a half thousand years ago today. The first watch was invented by the Egyptians at that time. The clock that the Egyptians invented was the sundial. People used to put a stick in the open to make a sundial. Then he surrounds the stick with small and big chakras. He wrote on the wheel various signals which were used to indicate different times. When the light of the sun fell on the stick, that light would fall on the ground and time would be determined from there. Such a clock is still preserved in the Berlin Museum. The clock is also mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible. There is the name of this watch Dial of Ahaz. Because the English word ‘clock’ has not yet emerged. The word ‘Clock’ came from the Latin word ‘Clocca’ only 600 years ago. The word ‘clocca’ means ‘hour’.Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Luxury Watch.

Why are Rolex watches so expensive?

People could know the time of day by sundial but could not know the time of night. As a result, the star clock was invented by the Germans. The star clock is a star in the sky. Which looks like w. It rises in the north of the sky and slowly moves south, even as the star rotates clockwise around the pole, making it easy to determine the time. Its name is ‘Cassiopia’.



  • The water clock was then discovered in 1400 BC. The Egyptians also invented the water clock. The water clock was such that the funnel was filled with water, and a narrow pipe was placed under the funnel. Funnel water flowed through a narrow pipe into a jar. They would put a light cork in that jar. A time indicator with a wheel was attached to the other end of the vessel. Water would slowly flow out of the funnel into the jar, and the more water fell into the jar, the more the cork would float away. At the same time, the time indicator began to rotate. Time to say that.



  • Then came the discovery of the hourglass. It was discovered about twelve years ago. The hourglass was a bit like a water clock. However, this watch requires a funnel with a flat in the middle. This time he poured some sand over the funnel into the funnel, and the sand got stuck in the middle of the funnel. There was a scale at the bottom of the funnel. The specific time determining the amount of sand deposited.



  • Then came the discovery of the wax clock. Wax clocks were first invented in China. The Chinese used this clock in the sundial system. They lit a candle in a dark room. The wax light fell on that standard. The front part of the standard was illuminated and its shadow fell on the back. The shorter the wax, the longer the shadow. Time was measured by measuring this shadow.



  • So far there has been no clock hand. Then came the invention of the mechanical watch. The Europeans were the first to invent mechanical clocks in the 14th century. But clocks made in the 14th century could only indicate hours, not minutes or seconds. So the exact time would not be determined. Finally, in 1757, the Dutch astronomer Christian Hiegens designed a high-quality mechanical clock that could accurately indicate minutes, seconds, and hours.



Swiss watches have always had a distinct appeal within the watch. Rolex’s appeal is a little too much. However, Rolex is the most expensive brand, but not like that. Brands like Patek Philippe, Vashren Konstantin, JLC, etc. are not far behind Rolex in terms of price. But Rolex is technically unique, which sets it apart from its contemporary watch brands.

First, let’s go into a little different context. The price of a watch depends largely on its movement and complexity (how many types of calculations it can keep).

The clock can be divided into two parts based on the movement. One is the quartz movement, in which the hands of clocks are powered by the electric power of a battery. The other is mechanical movement. The battery is not used here, but rather it runs the hands of the clocks from the energy stored in it. Such watches do not have any electrical parts.

It costs about 9,000 British pounds to make this watch your own!

But what makes Rolex so expensive? Many people are also making mechanical watches, if you look at another Swiss brand Omega, you will see that they are also selling watches of almost the same quality but at a much lower price. Why is the price of the Rolex brand watch so high?

First of all, Rolex watch research is quite powerful. Rolex is constantly working to improve its watches. They have their research and development group through which they study not only the design of their watches but also the metal used in the watches. Rolex’s R&D section includes some of the most expensive equipment, such as electron microscopes, gas spectrometers, with which they are constantly working on more sophisticated ways of making watches. The ceramic section of Rolex is far ahead of all other brands. Although they are currently using only ceramics in the bezel, they are also working on the possibility of using ceramics in other parts at the same time. All the parts used in Rolex are much better than other standard watches. The cost of advanced parts is also relatively high and it is very difficult to work with them. For example, Rolex uses extremely expensive 904L stainless steel in their watch body whereas many other brands use 316L stainless steel.

      It costs a lot to make a mechanical watch. Its parts are very fine, so the work of assembling these parts is done by highly experienced hands and it happens in a country where the cost of labor is the highest in the world.

Rolex has a factory where they produce three types of gold. Their laboratory has world-class metal experts who are always trying to make better quality metals for watchmaking.

The quality of these watches is confirmed after the Rolex watches have been ready for almost a year. This part is very carefully supervised. For example, in the Oyster Test, watches are tested at 10 percent higher than the standard to see if the watches are working properly. And dive watches designed specifically for diving are tested at a pressure of at least 25 percent higher than the standard. And here is the miracle of Rolex, in this test 99.99 percent of the watches are cleared without any error.

After this waterproofing test, it has to give another 24-hour accuracy test. A picture of the clocks is taken before the start of this test, and another picture is taken after the end of the test. If there is a minimal morphological discrepancy between the two images, it is sent back to the manufacturing section.

Finally, Rolex handles the finishing touch very carefully. Each watch is very carefully smoothed. While many other brands assemble parts with the help of robots, Rolex accomplishes this task with the complete touch of a hand. Rolex makes almost all of their watch-making tools themselves. This also sets Rolex apart from other brands. There is no one around Rolex to make caliber. The caliber 4130 used in Daytona, one of Rolex’s best masterpieces, is undoubtedly the best caliber of the time and its ongoing upgrades have put it ahead of other calibers. Look at Bay, the artistic sense of so many people, a watch made by the best instruments as a result of the tireless work of so many scientists, with so many precision steps in your hands, which if you take care of, your next generation can read, is the price of a Rolex watch too high?

So we can say that, If you are not very rich, it is unreasonable to buy a very expensive watch. Because a Rolex worth Rs 1 lakh and a non-branded watch worth Rs 300 give the same time.

The watch is nothing but an expression of an elegant personality. It doesn’t matter if you buy the most expensive watch that matches your income. If you have a hobby of a watch, you can change a little expensive watch every 6-7 months In addition to the latest style, there was also a variation of the design.

The age of jockeying, the age of show off, or, the age of showing how much better I am than you, we are all consciously – consciously continuing that effort. Expensive watch, it’s a status symbol, but more than that, it reveals your test. So, wear a good watch and keep up with the times. Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Luxury Watch


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