Effects of Mobile Games during Adolescence

Mobile games during adolescence

Internet gameplay is not a taboo subject. But it is harmful, irrational, excessive use affects thinking and behavior. Addiction cab is addictive when it comes to using the internet or playing games, which can have a detrimental effect on one’s thinking and behavior, reduce one’s social skills or impair one’s quality of life. Effects of mobile games during adolescence

It cannot be taken negatively just by using the internet. Its remains to be seen whatever it has gone to the stage of addiction. According to the world health organization (WHO) and other research teams, the symptoms of gaming addiction last for 12 months. However, if the symptoms are severe, then if they appear for a short time, it can also be called a gaming disorder.

Some symptoms may be out of control, such as using the internet or playing games. That means playing frequently, using the internet for a long period of time, and being so engrossed in it that many things around him to do.

  • The day will start with the urge to use the internet or play games there will be intense craving for the games or the internet. Internet use is more important than anything new.
  • The time to play games on the internet will increase day by day. As he used to play two days a week, now he plays almost every day. I used to spend 1 hour a day on the internet in games, now I spend 7 hours. Even if he wants to, he cannot stop himself from playing games. He is not understanding the effects of mobile games.
  • The internet or games will be the source of all the joy in life. Without these, he will not find happiness in anything else.
  • The things that are supposed to be done, such as study, office, home, work, everything will be disrupted. Test results will continue to be bad. The quality of work will be decreased; will be late to the office.
  • If you cannot use the use internet as you want, you will suffer from anxiety and discomfort. There will be an irritable mood. Feeling upset. The behavior will become aggressive. It can be seen that for some reason there is no internet connection, so, he is getting restless, angry, screaming, vandalizing. Family members are becoming more aggressive.
  • Sleeping problems will occur. Sleep during the day and wake up at night
  • Food intake will become irregular. Eat foods that can be beaten quickly, such as fast food. That is food, do it do not eat food with the time. He will eat at eating home without sitting at the table with everyone at home.
  • Will hide information to cover its own errors. The school will cheat or become inattentive in class. Never relax in class.
  • Spend more time in the bathroom; take her or his cell phone to the bathroom.
  • Socialization will decrease. Do not mix with anyone. Wrap yourself up.

What are the consequences of addiction?

Internet game addiction is basically the same as addiction to other drugs (Yabba, marijuana, heroin, alcohol, etc.) The difference is that is the behavioral addiction, and addiction to other drugs, chemical addiction. Addiction to the internet or games develops in the same part of the brain (REWAD CENTRE) where addiction to doing things like Yabba and marijuana is born. So there is no chance to like it lightly.

The consequences of addiction to games are:

  • Family life will be disrupted. Relationships with family members, including parents, will continue to deteriorate. The value of social relationships will continue to decline.
  • Social skills will be reduced. Excluding social events will keep you wrapped up. Decision-making ability will be reduced.
  • Personal life will be disrupted. Self-care will be less. Will suffer from malnutrition, because will not take an adequate amount of food. Addiction to pornography will ruin your normal sex life.
  • The quality of education and career will decrease.

Mental illness can also occur

Some studies have shown that gaming disorders can be accompanied by mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and severe stress. The tendency to have a gaming disorder with a bipolar mood disorder has never been more prevalent.

Being the victim of cybercrime or getting involved in cybercrime can lead to legal trouble.

Behavior changes based on internet or game content, the behavior will be aggressive. Will get angry soon. Sometimes there is a tendency to commit suicide or to injure or kill others.

Ways of Prevention

If you are not ready to reach use the internet, do not have an internet connection or personal mobile phone. How much he is able to control himself, must be considered first.

Mobile games during adolescence

Set a time limit for gadgets and internet access. Agree with the child to follow the rules. Encourage punctuality.

Keep the home desktop computer in a public place. Make it a point for children to use cell phones, tabs, laptops, etc. in front of them.

There is a lot of security software. Use them so that no banned websites can be accessed from your home connection. You can take the help of your internet connector to a technology expert in this regard.

Give the child proper time. If parents themselves are addicted to technology, then first of all get rid of your addiction. Practice playing carom, ludo, chess, monopoly, etc. at home with the whole family. Internet or game just addiction is just as much a problem like a drug addiction. If necessary, get rid of his addiction with the help of a psychiatrist. Effects of mobile games during adolescence, We know that addiction is a kind of intoxication. And intoxication is bad for everything. Intoxication can never bring benefits. Any drug can play a vital role in running a good life. So, we all need to keep in mind that computer games can be a great way to have fun. There can never be any drug.


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