Five Harmful Aspects of Smoking

Harmful Aspects of Smoking

Smoking cigarettes has become a common issue in today’s society. Many people find themselves involved in smoking.  People smoke when they chat with friends, when they get out of work for refreshments, when they keep sitting alone in a secluded environment, or when they have a little worry in their lives.  Cigarettes contain nicotine in tobacco, which the human brain becomes accustomed to when we use it for a long time, and it becomes a habit, so we want to have it again and again.  Nicotine has a quality that can control the human nervous system.  Prolonged use of nicotine makes it a habit.  So those who smoke for a long time become addicted to smoking. It requires a lot of effort to quit smoking.  Smoking is very harmful to the human body and health. Every packet of cigarettes has a picture of cancer caused by smoking, and smoking is the cause of death.

Five harmful aspects of smoking have been discussed below:

  1. Causes of Cancer:

We are all more or less familiar with whether smoking kills or causes cancer. We see this kind of thing at all times in various posters, festoons or on television commercials, and the most common thing we see is on every packet of cigarettes.  Moreover, we see such warning advertisements in many other places.  But now the most important question is why such advertisements are given.  The only reason for such cautionary advertisement is to make people aware of the consequence of smoking.  Prolonged exposure to cigarettes causes a large amount of nicotine to enter the body, which can lead to cancer of the throats or lungs, leading to death.  Smoking-caused cancer is a disease from which there is no way to get rid.  If there is cancer in any part of the body due to reasons other than smoking, it may be amputated. But if there is cancer in the throat or lungs due to smoking, there is no chance of amputation of these two organs, the only consequence of smoking is death.

  1. Mental Disorders:

Prolonged smoking causes mental turmoil because smoking plunges a person into an addiction that makes him/her unable to walk on his/her own, meaning he/she is no longer independent.  Many times, people try to quit smoking, but it is not so easy to quit because nicotine is addictive if used for a long time, and people get into a state of mental turmoil when they cannot get out of it.  Only those who have become accustomed to smoking or who have become addicted to this bad habit can understand how much it causes emotional turmoil.  Smoking does not allow people to stay normal, it interferes with normal human activities.  When a person wakes up in the morning and goes to start his normal activities, it is only when he starts smoking in his mind.  In other words, after some time, this habit stirs in his mind that he has to smoke.  Thus, when a person is repeatedly disturbed in his normal activities, he becomes emotionally disturbed.  Moreover, after smoking for some time, he feels relieved, but soon after it becomes a cause of unrest.

  1. Victims of social harassment:

Smoking is a kind of social harassment.  Because society does not take or accept smoking well.  Smoking is not only harmful to smokers, but also to people from all walks of life. As a result, in some countries, it has been banned by law. In some countries, it has been banned smoking in public places, and in some societies, a culture has developed against it. The patriarchal societies do not indulge children to consume it in public. They think it is disrespectful to them. So, if a young person develops this habit, he has to be harassed by people from other walks of life.  He has to go to a secret place while enjoying it. This can also cause him mental depression.


  1. Distractions:

People who smoke gradually lose their patience as well as their ability to concentrate.  They can’t concentrate on anything.  Although some exceptions are everywhere.  However, in most cases, they cannot concentrate on anything for a long time. Patience is lost. For example, if a person becomes addicted to smoking as a student, his studies are greatly hampered.  Because when he sits down to read, his senses repeatedly urge him to smoke.  Then he can no longer concentrate on his studies.  Soon after, when he smokes, his mood changes.  As a result, his studies are hampered.

  1. Waste of money:

Smoking is a waste of money.  Smoking is a habit that the human mind wants to smoke again and again. A chain smoker needs an average of about 10 to 15 cigarettes per day.  And to buy these 10 to 15 cigarettes costs a good amount of money.  If the man had not smoked, this extra money would not have cost him.  If he had saved this money without spending it on cigarettes, he would have saved a lot of money, and he could have done something better with this saved money.  Now, maybe we realize that smoking is really a waste of money. Five Harmful Aspects of Smoking.


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