Best Content Writing Tools to Use 

Content Writing Tools

Many marketing functions can be automated today, but unfortunately writing content is still a manual task. We know that creating content is no less than an uphill battle and consumes a lot of time that can be tiring at times. Moreover, the audience wants to read error-free and quality content, which sometimes is a challenge for the writers. But thanks to technology as some tools can help you write better content. But you still have to add your creativity and research to ensure the content is impressive. 

The content tools boost the writer’s ability to write high-quality, original, grammatically correct, and well-formatted content. They eliminate the petty mistakes that the writer might overlook while writing. In this article, we have listed some of the best tools that you can use to write content easily. Read on to know about them. 


It is one of the perfect tools writers can use to eliminate grammar or punctuation mistakes. It works like an editor, and you can add its extension to your browser and your word document. Its spelling and grammar algorithms are powerful, but we suggest you choose the premium version so it can show a comprehensive list of errors. All you  But this tool needs aneed is a speedy internet connection to work, so ensure you have a speedy internet connectionuse this tool. Because until your write-up is free from mistakes, it cannot be published. You can subscribe to HughesNet, which offers excellent satellite internet connection and 25 Mbps of download speed on every plan. So, you stay connected to the internet all the time. It offers incredible services all over America at the prices you can afford, so visit its website for more information. 

Hemingway App

This application lets you connect with your audience in a language they understand. You can check your content for wordy or hard-to-read sentences to improve its readability. This application understands that a writer does not need mastery over vocabulary to produce quality content. Instead, it is important to rephrase some parts to hook the readers. 

This application is easy to use as you simply have to paste your content, and it will highlight the use of complex words and phrases. Grades are assigned to your write-ups, so you can edit them until you reach you are satisfied with the grade. 

Lose the Very 

Most of us have the habit of writing the word very before an adjective to make the sentence sound more impactful. But this addition makes the content wordy, which hurts the readability of the article. 

This is the reason this tool was developed to ensure that your content is not fluffy. It is a relatively new tool that helps writers eliminate the word “very.” A comprehensive list of adjectives is available to choose from to make your article more impactful and less wordy. 


Frase is another excellent tool for writers who want to analyze the content once it is completed. It helps scan the content for existing gaps and compares it with other blogs for your selected keyword. Overall, it is a great tool as it helps writers to create quality content by eliminating topic gaps. 


Semrush is one of the best marketing tools that can also help writers to improve their content game. It even helps those writers who want to post great content on social media. It suggests topics for the posts and provides customizable templates for effective posting. Moreover, it also helps those writers who want to find relevant keywords and high-quality blogs that use the desired keyword effectively. 


Jasper is the perfect artificial intelligence software that helps content creators to create engaging content. If you struggle with writer’s block, Jasper can easily help you generate a paragraph that inspires you to write further without any hassle. The software is easy to use and quickly generates content for blogs, articles, and social media posts. 

Article Forge

If you are looking for a tool to help you write SEO-optimized blogs and high-quality content, then use Article Forge. With this tool, writers do not have to struggle to come up with ideas for the posts because , with this software, ideas are generated within minutes. You can use the trial version to see how it works and then purchase its monthly plan for just $13. 

All in All… 

We know that creating content is not easy! This is the reason we have compiled a list of the best content-writing tools that can help you write better content. Most of the software is free to use, so do not hesitate to use them while crafting content. Moreover, if you want to avail the perks of the premium version, then you pay the low-cost fee and get started.  

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