Experience of Students during Covid’19

students during Covid’19

Being out of school for long periods of time can lead to behavioral changes in many children and impair mental development.

Not only that, they may develop a tendency to become accustomed to regular life. Many times many people are so stubborn, show an emotional reaction, cry, some people stop working due to stubbornness, show an emotional reaction, cry, some people or students stop working due to stubbornness, become addicted to the internet and mobile. Experience of students during Covid’19.

If the child has been accustomed to a routine for a year, then if he wants to go back to his previous state, he has to get quite fast to adapt. They will then become accustomed to being alone. Many children and students will not go to school then, socializing with friends and socializing can also be a problem. Loneliness, depression, lack of confidence, sleep problems increase the risk of amnesia. Once one’s mental health begins to decline, the level of anxiety about meeting other people increases. Then the negative emotions increase even more.

Studies have shown that loneliness can lead to serious health problems if it persists. A study by researchers at Brigham Young University in the United States found a link between death and loneliness. It found that those who felt lonely or lonely, or those who lived alone, were 30% more likely to die earlier than anyone else.

Public health experts warn that loneliness

Public health experts warn that loneliness is exacerbated by the introduction of forced quarantines during the covid epidemic. Although loneliness and restraint are not the same, they reinforce each other. Loneliness is the experience of the personal feeling of losing companionship or not having companionship. According to experts, it has become difficult for many to cope with the isolation and economic woes associated with the Coved epidemic. Early on in corona, some people enjoyed the time alone and realized that the matter was temporary. Others have felt happy, helpless, and disoriented. It has made them sad and lonely. Socialized brings perfection to students learning and learning.

This mental and physical growth of human beings occurs at a proportional rate. The human being qualities of the students flourished. Turns them into desired citizens. Transforms into a brave, devoted, honest, moral-minded, patriotic man. But we are being forced to closed the educational experiences and institutions because of Covid’19.UNICEF says 36% of primary or secondary school students have been severely affected emotionally and physically.

Students have therefore been involved in online education but not everyone is getting the benefits.

And this is one way of teaching. It goes without saying that there is no participation Of students.

Based on this observation, UNICEF is in favor of keeping the doors of the schools open for students, as the damage caused by this will be much less than other units of the society. They want students to come to the school through strict hygiene practices. Due to the coronavirus epidemic in the country, regular education activities were stopped in 2020 and public examinations were not held. Attempts to teach alternative education online or on television have had little success. The government has not yet decided when the school college will open, as no plan has been finalized yet on the deficit created in the education sector due to this reason.

The overall school environment is a different mental satisfaction, different socialization in mixing and learning with many children. Now even if I try to teach him at now home, we saw that the children are not interested still. Not being tested for a long time. They don’t really remember how the test is done. Interest in reading has decreased a lot. Behavior is changing. Many parents feel that there is not much to learn this year because there is no teaching process in the classroom under the direct supervision of the teacher.

Students are completely deprived of co-curricular activities as well as studies and exams. Online they may be finishing the syllabus but they are doing it selectively. As a result, in many cases, the children could not grasp the link between one lesson and another. Meanwhile, as while there is no class examination, the government has decided to auto-evaluable the assignment on the basis of a short syllabus at the secondary level and that activity is now underway. Inadequate online teaching, lack of direct interaction with teachers, incomplete completion of the subject-based lessons as per the syllabus, education experts fear that there will be a huge deficit everywhere from the first grade to higher education institutions. Students will not understand much in the next time next class if they do not finish the subject of the class completely. Would you like to memorize without understanding?

Understanding what we are

To avoid health risks all educational institutions in the world have been closed and online education has been introduced. Although not all educational institutions have the capacity to include students in the online education system, many students of parents do not have android phones. Again, for those who have, buying data is not possible for everyone.  The education of the country has been going on for almost a year through this incomplete system and condition. But even people return to employment, students in our country could not return to educational institutions. Apart from corona, the educational activities did not start following the hygiene rules. We also need to consider how reasonable the kit is to just slow down the educational process while keeping everything running.? As in other areas of life, the corona has to be adapted and, as it is, education has to be tried. Experience of students during Covid’19,  However, due importance should be given in to the health protection of the students.


It’s possible to bring all the classes one after the other without bringing them to the school one day so that the class activities can be carried out by dividing a class into several parts while maintaining social distance or bringing one-third or half of the students in a class to school one day at a time. Either way, the school should open now.


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