What Kind of Gym Bold You Prefer For Personal Health

Prefer for Personal health

Mental strength is more important than physical strength to lead us on the path to success in life. That’s why I have to be mentally strong. If we are not mentally strong, we can not move the right way in our life. So it is very important to be mentally strong. What kind of gym bold you prefer for personal health

If you weigh 51 kg, which is a lot less than your normal weight. Depending on your height, your weight should be within 60-65 kg. That means you should gain 10-12 kg more than your current weight. You can gain this weight by building muscle through proper diet and exercise.

Proper eating habits: Depending on your height, weight, and age, your daily calorie requirement is 1600-2000 calories. You need to eat more than 500 calories to gain weight. That means you have to take 2500 calories. Source: BMR Calculator

You need to keep track of how many calories you are eating

If you search on Google, you will get the calorie chart of all foods. In addition, if you type the name of a food and search on Google, you will also find all the information about that food (amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat). Protein is more important for muscle building than how many calories you eat. The amount of protein you need for muscle building is calculated (your weight x2-2.5) which means that initially, your daily protein requirement will be 102-126 grams. If you want to build muscle, you must eat this amount of protein every day and increase the amount as you gain weight. You can take this protein from protein powder, fish meat, eggs, milk, and pulses. This protein is the key to your muscle building. Below are some ideas about protein sources.

Protein Powder:

Protein powder is undoubtedly the best quality protein. This is most effective for muscle building. However, it is quite expensive. The price of one pound of protein powder will be between Rs. 2000-2200. One scoop of protein powder contains 25 grams of protein.


 Eggs are a good source of protein. In terms of quality, it is very close to protein powder. You will get 8 grams of protein in an egg of 8-10 rupees. It is a good source of protein in terms of price.

Chicken meat: 

You will get 28-30 grams of protein in 100 grams of chicken without bones. In terms of price, it is also a standard source of protein.


You will get 25-26 grams of protein in 100 grams of beef. It is more expensive than chicken meat and has a higher fat content, so it is better to eat it occasionally instead of eating it regularly.

Fish: 100 grams of fish will get 18-20 grams of protein. The amount of fish fat is much less than meat and fish fat is very beneficial for the body. Tilapia fish is more protein-rich than other fish.


 All other pulses except lentils (lentils, khesari, Kalai, boot) 100 grams of dried pulses will get 24-26 grams of protein. However, the protein value of pulses is slightly lower than the other protein sources above. However, most pulses have the best and cheapest protein. Because all the 9 essential amino acids are present in the boot pulses. 100gm of boot dal will cost 4-5 rupees you will get 28 grams of protein from it.

To meet your daily protein requirement, 100 grams of dry boot pulses (cooking) + 150 grams of boneless chicken meat + 2 eggs + 200 grams of fish along with a normal amount of rice/bread and vegetables will give you 130-160 grams of protein daily. Enough for muscle building. In this way, you will adjust your diet according to your preferences and needs.

And you must eat all kinds of vegetables because all the vitamins and minerals needed by the body are available only from vegetables. Foods to avoid: Televaja food, sugary sweets, packaged foods, and fast food/junk food.

Daily Exercise

   It is important to get into the gym to gain weight by building muscle quickly. You can also gain weight with home exercise but it will be very slow. Go to the gym and start weight lifting, push-ups, pull-ups. Start with a little weight at the beginning. The heavier you can exercise, the faster your muscles will gain. Start gaining weight day by day. First, start with dumbbells/barbells that you can lift ten times in a row. Remember that if you want to do muscle building, you must bring your muscles very close to the endurance line every time. That means you can give 10 push-ups continuously. In that case, if you want to do muscle building, you have to give 15 push-ups, in general, until your muscles start to ache and cut. Then, when the muscles are relaxed with adequate rest, push up again in the same manner.

If you do this every day, you will see that you can give more and more push-ups day by day. Do all the exercises in this way. Increase the amount of weight in weight lifting day by day, along with the number of rap + set. All in all, the more you can hurt the muscles, the sooner your muscles will gain. I have seen many people give push-ups/sets at 10 at the beginning of the gym, even after six or seven months they give push-ups/sets at 10, and that is why they do not gain muscle.

Exercise is half of the amount of muscle gain and rest is half. Exercise one day a week at a time. Don’t forget to exercise every day. It takes 24-48 hours to repair damaged muscle tissue through exercise. And the work of tissue repair is done during sleep. Besides, the hormones required for muscle building are released during sleep at night. So you need 7-8 hours of good quality sleep every night. Without good sleep and rest, all hard work is in vain. People who exercise every day do not get maximum results as they do not give enough time to repair the muscles.

And what to eat before exercise and what to eat after is also very important. One or two hours before exercise, you will get good energy while exercising by eating simple carbohydrates (rice/bread) and any sweet fruit (such as banana/apple). You can exercise for a long time without fatigue. You need to eat more protein after exercising. After exercising 50-60% of your daily requirement of protein, you will get good results by playing. This is because protein is essential for repairing damaged muscle tissue after exercise. What kind of gym bold you prefer for personal health

For example:

   Before exercising, you can eat two bananas and pulses/curry with rice and bread as required. You can also eat fish/meat. And one hour after the end of the exercise, you can eat 150 grams of chicken, one egg, 200 grams of fish with a small amount of rice, or two loaves of bread.

Many people give up within the first month of starting exercise. In this case, I would advise you not to miss the first month of the exercise days. If you miss one day on any pretext, you will want to miss the next day as well. And if you exercise patiently for a month, it will become your habit, even if you want to, you can’t give up! Atoz Health Tips.

In the end, gaining weight by gaining muscle is a matter of time and patience. But if you suffer, you will get the result. And the result is certainly worth the trouble. So be patient and work hard. Good luck.


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