Dust Behind the Eyes

Behind your Eyes for good

Dust behind the Eyes. Cleaning the house is a daily routine for many. Many also clean the house at regular intervals. Even then it can be noticed that in some places the dust remains. Again, there are some places or things that can be seen that do not come to mind to clean quickly. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items. First, you have to look at the switchboard. This is because almost all the houses have thick layers of dust on the head of the switch. Be it the living room or the kitchen. Sometimes the condition of the kitchen switchboard is more miserable. The oil sticks to the dust. Every home has some unused switches on the switchboard. They become dark with the accumulation of dust and dirt. It’s not that these just look bad. Germs can also spread from here. So when you start cleaning the house, you must pay special attention to the switchboard.

Make Good Plan Or Routine Daily Cleaning Activity

It is best to use a soft cloth or paper towel and cleaner spray to clean the switch. And clean the switch and board by spraying on a cloth or paper towel without spraying liquid cleaner directly on the switch. Remember that water can never be used. Finally, the switchboard should be wiped with a piece of dry cloth.

At home, small children’s toys are scattered around the house. Some of these toys are quite easy to clean. But it is very difficult to keep cloth toys, especially soft toys, clean. And it can be seen that this kind of toy is more popular among children and even adults. If you stay outside for a while, the soft toys become dirty. At the same time, they became a breeding ground for germs. If it is open, any toy should be cleaned for a few days. And if it is a soft toy, there is no question. These should be cleaned once a month if necessary. However, it is important to note that the soft toy skin tag should be well looked at before cleaning. If it is washable, it can be easily cleaned by soaking it in some detergent for a while and rubbing it with a soft brush.

Dust Behind the Eyes

Then it was dried in the sun. And soft toys that are not allowed to be washed or dried in water can be cleaned in the laundry. If one wants to dry clean at home, then fill the toy in a big bag and shake the bag well with some baking soda. The toy can then be taken out and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner brush. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you can clean it with a normal toothbrush or any other type of brush. Then wipe with a dry cloth.

The floor of the house is cleaned almost every day. But it stays out of the back of the sofa or under the bed. So in a few days, you can see thick layers of dirt in these places. Vacuum cleaners are most useful for cleaning any corner of the house.

This makes it easy to clean the loose dust of the house. But if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, mix some amount of detergent in a container, wipe the bottom of the bed or the back of the sofa with a mop with a long handle. If it is not cleaned at once, it should be wiped two or three times.

Mirror stains are very common. Not knowing the exact technique of removing these stains, one has to stand in front of the stained mirror repeatedly. To do this, first, shake well in a spray bottle with lukewarm water and a few drops of liquid soap. Need to spray in the mirror. Then wipe the mirror well with a clean dry cotton cloth, paper towel, or newsprint to remove stains. Dust in eye symptoms.

Finally, If dust accumulates

While cleaning the house, we almost forget about the tube lights even though there is a fan on the list. If dust accumulates in the tube light for a long time, the number of light decreases. In this case, also mix water and a small amount of liquid soap in a mug or spray bottle. Lightly spray on the tube light and wipe with a dry cotton cloth or paper towel. If there is a lot of dirt, it should be wiped lightly a few times. Dust behind the Eyes


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