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How to Not Be So Angry Anymore

Not Be So Angry Anymore

How to Not Be So Angry Anymore? The current era is the digital age.  In this digital age, scientists are delivering thousands of digital services to people’s doorsteps.  These services have made people’s lives much smoother than before.  In ancient times, people used to send news from one place to another by horse, by pigeon, by hand in human hands, and by mail.  It would take many days for a message to get from one place to another.  But the unprecedented discovery of the scientific mobile phone through which the whole world has now become a one-second path.  In a matter of moments, news can be sent from Europe to America, from America to Asia, that is, from one country to another, and from one end of the world to the other.  Talk to you soon.  People thousands of miles away can be seen through video calls.  So overall the invention of the mobile phone can be said to be a blessing for our world.

Due to which we are getting the whole world in our hands.  Moreover, there are many more benefits available through mobile phones.  But the fact is that everything has its ups and downs.  He who has good also has evil.  Just like the many good aspects of mobile phones, there are also some bad aspects that are deadly harmful to people.  And whose loss becomes a matter of grave hardship for the people who make up for it.  So we have to be careful enough to use mobile phones.  Below we are discussing five harmful aspects of mobile phones. Your life-changing.

  1. Mental and physical illness:

Excessive use of mobile phones can lead to serious psychological damage.  Because from the mobile phone we see all kinds of things that when we look at them, a lot of things are spinning in our head due to which we become mentally ill.  Moreover, using a mobile phone at night can lead to severe sleep disturbances.  Due to which people become physically ill day by day.  Severe eye damage.  Moreover, various other diseases form grains in the body.  Due to which in old age one has to suffer severely.  So we have to be careful enough to use mobile phones.

  1. Social degradation:

Today’s youth are facing severe social and moral degradation through mobile phones.  Because now almost all types of mobiles have internet facility.  And using this internet, today’s youth are getting access to all kinds of pornographic pictures, videos, audio.  Due to which they are becoming addicted to mobile.  It is becoming very difficult for them to get out of it.  So day by day they are forgetting the etiquette of society and moving towards moral decay.  As a result, they are involved in various forms of injustice.  They are forgetting to respect adults.  Moreover, they are involved in various crimes including murder and rape.  So it can be said that society is being severely degraded by mobile phones.

  1. Insecurity:

Before the invention of the mobile phone, people could never have imagined that they would suffer so much insecurity after the invention of the mobile phone.  If you have a mobile phone, it is possible to know your location instantly no matter where you are in the world.  Moreover, the level of hacking has increased so much in this era that if hackers can hack our mobile phones then our important information, resources or many secrets will no longer be safe or secret.  Hackers will be able to snatch everything from him and the man will one day become destitute.  Moreover, there is a possibility of embezzling a lot of money by blackmailing by threatening to release stolen secret information or any privately secret pictures or videos on the internet.  So it can be said that we are insecure because of mobile phones. Bed effect more time angry.

  1. Chances of being cheated:

As time goes digital, all of our work types and forms have taken on a digital form.  Because we now have digital devices in our hands.  A mobile phone is one of them.  However, we are often cheated by mobile phones.  Because when we talk to each other on mobile, we can lie as much as we want.  Even if someone tells a lie, there is no way to catch it.  Moreover, now we often do money transactions through mobile phones where cases of cheating are often heard.  So before using a mobile phone to be deceived.

  1. Loss of children’s education:

The invention of the mobile phone was a blessing for us but at first, people did not realize that it can be harmful to use but today it is proven.  Because now it is seen that mobile phones are in the hands of everyone big and small.  It is now widely available and people do not have to rush to buy it.  Now it has become a custom to have as many mobile phones as there are members in the family.  This is seriously detrimental to the education of the children in the family as the children are now seriously addicted to games.  Intoxicated by the game, they almost forgot about their studies.  Addicted to drugs, they no longer want to obey their parents.  Moreover, there is social media.  Kids may play games or stay on social media all day.  In short, the results are at the expense of children’s education.  Moreover, the use of extra mobile phones in the house all day long hinders the mental development of children.


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